Thursday, 15 January 2015

January IVs

I seem to need IVs around the same sort of time each year: January, July, September- possibly with a few more in there too. So, as expected, I'm on IVs now. Nearly half way through and starting to feel much better. It was a rocky start this time.

I had gone up to get them on a Tuesday, which I thought was a bit odd as I usually always have them started on a Thursday or Friday, as that is when the ward is quietest for the staff and they have a side room for me. I went up and it was rammo! Patients and doctors everywhere; in the halls, in the loos, in the wards.. It took me a while to get a side room and mentioned to them I had to leave no later than 3.15 as I had a dog to groom. It was 11am that this time so thought that would be more than enough time. Turns out it wasn't. By 2.30pm I still hadn't had my port accessed- which is one of the earliest things they do when I'm there. I'd worked out there was no way I'd be able to have my IVs done, wait the hour needed to check I don't have an allergic reaction, wait for pharmacy and get home in time for the dog. So I had to leave. I was really disappointed as I was feeling so ill and they were obviously over booked so didn't understand why they had booked me in too. It costs a lot in petrol money and parking charges to get up there, not to mention the waste of time too.

Anywho, I re booked and went up the following Friday and was in and out in about 3 hours :) The ward was much calmer and wasn't over booked. That night I had my Christmas elf work do. Was lovely seeing everyone again but I was feeling so ill that I had to call Alex to pick me up after about an hour. I was really ill that night, throwing up and aching everywhere.

Glad to say I'm now feeling much better than that :) I'm currently looking after Harry the dog for a 3 day sleepover as his owner is away. All I have planned is sleeping, watching films and eating :D Can't wait ;)

I also have enrolled for belly dancing classes lol! Thought it would be a good idea for some gentle exercise, and sounds fun!

Speak soon xoxo