Saturday, 15 June 2013


It's been a while since I last blogged, but I just haven't had the energy. After I came back from my lovely honeymoon, I just slept and slept and slept. I think it was partly a come down from the wedding, I needed to rest for weeks.

Then I had the dreaded annual review last week. It's a day where you go hospital for lots of different tests to see how your body has changed in the last year. I couldn't eat as I was having a blood glucose test to check if I'm diabetic; other blood tests; x-ray; very detailed lung function and chatted to the physio and cf nurses.

Overall, I said to them that this year I have felt like I've had a lot less energy and my weight hasn't increased sadly. The blood glucose levels came back to show that I was borderline for being diabetic, so I need to do blood sugar monitoring at home to see if I need any meds for it or not. This happened a few years ago too, but in the end I didn't need any meds- so hopefully it'll be the same this time.

My lung function had dropped to mid 50's and my CRP (infection level in blood test) was quite high, so they put me on an oral antibiotic called Septrin to see if that helped.

So that was last week, but this week I had to go up to get my port flushed. I went up to the day unit and they like quarantined me in a separate room from everyone else, which was very odd. When I saw the doc I asked why and she said that in my lungs there is a new bug growing called Serratia. I still didn't understand why I was separated, until she told me that I'm the only person in the hospital and that the docs know of who has it. Obviously, they don't want it spreading so I need to be in quarantine when I go to hosp until it's gone.

I'm quite worried though because the head doctor- along with all the others- doesn't really know much about this bug or where it came from or how to get rid of it. They need to do some research on it. I'm hoping it's not a really bad or dangerous bug. However, maybe this could be the answer to why I have no energy ever, or why I get these horrible pains in my legs...?

Also, my lung function had dropped again, I think it's the lowest it's ever been 49-52% FEV1. So I'm on home IV's for 2 weeks. Hoping so badly that I start to feel good again soon!

Other than health stuff, Barney had the snip this week and I'm entering him into a puppy competition in June! :P