Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Quick update

I've been working sooo hard to try and keep my chest as good as possible so I can complete my dog course. I've got a month left of it, so I hope I can keep well for just one more month! Overall, I feel as if my hard work is paying off because I'm still able to go out to the shops and get through each day of my dog grooming course, but I have noticed that as soon as I'm back I could sleep for days lol. Also, due to this cold spell, my joints are so painful. Especially my knees and ankles!

Thankfully I have MY WEDDING to organise to keep my mind off the pain though!! :D :D :D Can't believe I'm going to be a bride!!! Me and Al are in the middle of looking at venues at the moment. And finally, the new house is becoming straighter now :)

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Christmas, New Yea, moving, dog course...

Seems like agesss since I last blogged, so much to catch up on...

Christmas is over for another year :( hope you all had a great one! I did :)  saw most of my family and alex's, had yummy food and lovely presents. Also, on Christmas day Alex proposed to me! Asked my Dad, down on one knee.. the whole shabang! :D wooooooooooooooo!!!!! Go buy a hat!!!! ;) Here's a lil piccy of my beautiful ring <3

People always say "you'll be able to put on loads of weight at Christmas with all that chocolate!" but Christmas has the opposite effect on me :/ You see, when it comes to food I have a strict routine with myself- I get up quite early and have 3 meals plus snacks in the eve in order to try and fit in ll the calories I need. When Christmas comes around though, there are a lot of family do's that usually start around 2 and the food will b served around 3 or 4. So I can't fit in my three meals a day :( It's frustrating, but I'm trying to get back into my routine now that Christmas and New Year and the move are done.

New Year was great (from what I can rememeber...) was waaay too drunk lol! Spent it with a lot of my friends and some family <3

Jan 2nd, me and Al moved into our second place together :) I love it so much! It's much more homely and spacious, perfect for us. Frankie and Angel seem to love it too :P

Yesterday I had my first day of my dog grooming course. I was in heaven lol, there were the cutest pups everywhere.. Standard poodles, miniature poodles, miniature schnauzer, beagles, yorkies, collies.... ahhhh was amazing! I dried and brushed a standard poodle and washed, dried, brushed and clipped a collie yesterday. The day flew by, I couldn't believe it lol.

Alice, the poodle I dried and brushed

Bruno after being washed, dried and brushed

Bruno after being clipped