Before The Blog...

 Me and some of my family <3

Me and my boyfriend Alex

Annoyingly I had to spend my 18th in hospital; but thankfully my family, Alex and two of my friends came to visit me and made it special

I LOVE animals- except insects but they don't really count ;) When I have finished my A levels, I want to work as either in a dog trainer, pet sitter, work in a dogs and cats rescue and rehoming centre, or in a dog kennels.

I look like a mug but this english bull dog was the cutest! This is when I went to Discover Dogs, 2011

One of my best friend Ashley's pooch, Bailey- I suggested the name XD closest thing I've had to owning a dog hahaa!

One of my beautiful kittys, Flint

The other of my babies, Tao 

Getting ready for 6th form prom in the hospital- but one of my best friends Daniel came all the way up to escort me to prom :) 

In 2011 me, Alex and a load of our friends went to Malia :D best holiday ever! (That's Daniel with us)

 Another of my best mates, Ashley (the crazy-looking one)


  1. Jo this blog is amazing! So proud of you :-) And I'm very pleased it's pink. I'm trying to work out how to become a follower xxxx

    1. aw thank you jessie, now I can comment on your blog too! :D hmm, i'll see if I can do it on yours and then i'll tell you how to do it :) xxxxxx

  2. Great blog. I've finally worked out how to comment! So interesting to read how the hay episode made you very poorly. Well done...

  3. It's Auntie Jan by the way!

  4. Sue just showed me your blog and I think it is fab. Congratulations again. Rob of Woking