Monday, 24 August 2015



For anyone who has been following my friend George's journey, she finally received the lungs she so desperately needed last week. Such amazing news. A family, in the middle of the heartbreak of loosing a loved one, said "yes" to organ donation and saved George's and probably many other lives too. It's incredible! I've known George ever since I moved to adult care, about 8 years ago. She was the first friend I made at the Brompton and now to be able to read and see her go through this tough tough journey and stay as strong and determined as ever has been humbling. George still has a way to go with recovery and getting herself as physically strong as possible, but there is no hint doubt that she will carry on being the incredible person she is. YOU CAN DO IT GEORGE!! There is a link so the right hand side of my blog to her blog, if you'd like to have a read.

My health is doing alright at the moment. Finished oral tabs, when I next get ill I will probably have IVs to give myself an extra boost. Hopefully I can stay well enough for my birthday next month. I did a trial of a nebuliser I used to be on and that went well, so just waiting for the parts I need for my neb to be delivered so I can use it. Next month is also my annual review- first one at Frimley. I know they do it differently to Brompton, but still not looking forward to it haha.

Have been looking after two doggies for 2 weeks for a friend. Barney has been loving the company of other playmates. Sleeping has been a nightmare though with the three of them, 2 cats and me and Al trying a share a double bed!

Last weekend my mum, dad, sister and me went to meet some of our family who were holidaying in the New Forest. Was a nice break and really funny!

Deer spotting with mama

My ingenious plan to put binoculars infront of the camera- it worked!

 Me and daddy