Monday, 10 November 2014

Needing IVs

Last Weds the plan was to start home IVs as I wasn't feeling too good and wanted to have a boost before the Christmas elfing starts. So the usual routine was done: weight, lung function, sats etc etc and Barbara decided to try a different combination of IVs; Meropenum and Colomycen. I had only had Colomycen as a nebuliser not as an IV drug before, so a nurse sat with me when I was giving it to make sure I was ok. All was fine until about 5 mins after I'd finished and I felt my throat closing up. The nurse had left at this point so I rang the buzzer and ran out to the other ward where she was. It's so important yet so hard not to panic during these situations as it can make it so much worse. I found if I coughed it opened my throat up a bit and if I breathed through my nose it was less tight. The whole thing only lasted about 5 minutes but we all agreed I shouldn't be sent home on that medicine.

So went back the next day to start my usual IVs and they went through fine. Been on them about 5 days now and think I'm doing OK :)

I've also started a new supplement to try and put on more weight. There are lots of different flavours, which I am trying in a starter pack. So far I have tried Forest Fruits, and it was about 4/10. It's like a milk based supplement so it's a bit like Forest Fruits milkshake. Not my thing lol.

I heard back from the dietician about my annual review blood glucose test.. Wasn't great so I need to do blood sugar monitoring for a while to make sure I'm not diabetic.

Been to fireworks at my cousin's this weekend, an annual event at their house! Was lot of fun. Next is CHRISTMAS!!! :D