Sunday, 26 July 2015

Weight gain :)

I've managed to avoid IVs for a bit longer! For me, this is great news as I was becoming pretty dependent on them whilst at Brompton because they wouldn't offer anything else. However, at Frimley they are giving me oral meds when I feel I need a little boost, instead of bringing out the big guns (IVs), which I could become resistant to if I have them too often.

At clinic the other day I had put on weight too :D Up to 47.5kg. I have been having a new supplement called Skandishake, as well as the Calogen I have been taking for years. Glad to see it's actually working. Just need to keep it up and I might FINALLY become the 50kg I've been trying to achieve for about 8 years haha.

Next appointment I will be having a trial for a nebuliser I used to be on a few years ago. The hope is that by restarting this I might not need antibiotics so frequently.

In the last month we've Alex's cousin's wedding- which they were very lucky to have such beautiful weather for! The amazing Ed Sheeran's concert at Wembley, my belly dancing show and a beach trip.


Barney at the beach

Hopefully the weather picks up again soon! Can't be dealing with a wet August.

On the grooming front, I've now dabbled a bit in creative grooming. It's a relatively new part of grooming that has made it's way over to English grooming over the last few years. A client of mine asked for one of her pups to have pink feet, tail and ears; and the other to be made to look like a panda! 

There was a great documentary series on Great Ormand Street Children's Hospital (GOSH). I think it was a 3-parter. I managed to catch up on the second episode, thanks to a friend recommending it. It was about lung transplants. 3 of the children had CF and it was very informative. The children were so brave and the hospital team was outstanding! Great awareness for organ donation and showed how it can change someone's life completely. If you have a chance and are interested in that sort of thing, it's a good watch. Was on BBC 2 9pm, I think a couple of Mondays ago.