Monday, 29 September 2014

Making the most of being well

In my last blog I wrote about something exciting that I was about to do... Well I think I can say it now as my aunty has told pretty much all of the family now. I was asked if I'd like to go with my aunty to her baby scan- the one where you find out the sex of the baby. It was amazing! It's unbelievable how detailed the ultrasound is. You could see baby's individual toes, every bone in their spine, even their heart beating! And the most exciting part, finding out the sex. It's a.... GIRL!!!! I'm so happy, on that side of the family we haven't had a girl in 18 YEARS! Since my little sister. It's about time for a bit of pink ;) So a huge congratulations to my uncle Mark, aunty Lorraine and big brothers Jack and Toby xxx

Alex's nan and I went a bit crazy once we found out it was going to be a girl....


This weekend it was my cousin's eldest's 3rd birthday. Little Krillin had a great party with his ride-on tractor and big bouncy castle slide thingy. So nice to see all the family too.

It's nearly October, and for me that only springs to mind one thing. Flu jab. I usually put it off as long as I can, but this year I felt super brave and asked for it as soon as possible just to get it out the way. Lots of people are entitled to it: children, the elderly, people with breathing problems and other illnesses, people who live with or care for anyone in those categories... It's totally worth having it as, yes you will probably still get a cold over winter, but you are much less likely to get the flu, which can be deadly! If you're not in those categories, you can also pay to have a flu jab at a lot of places such as boots. It only costs like £7 I think. Might be worth thinking about, or reminding people who are entitled :)


Monday, 22 September 2014

Finishing IVs and my birthday!

It was my birthday last Tuesday and I had a lovely, relaxing day. I spent the morning with Alex and my pets, dog sat/slept during the afternoon and went to my parent's for dinner in the evening. I had such nice gifts from my friends and family, was truly spoilt! One of my gifts was a pink scooter, my plan is to ride this around instead of using my wheelchair when I'm ill. I just need to train Barney to pull me along ;)

On Thursday Alex and I went up to hospital to see if I could end my course of IVs. Everything had improved except my weight, which usually goes down when I'm on IVs as I struggle with nausea. My O2 levels went from 92% to 97% and lung function from 49% and 82% to 60% and 80-something (can't remember now).

So they let me off IVs, just in time for my party...

On the Friday I had my friends round for a party and then we went off to a club. I probably had a bit too much to drink..! Was hanging so bad on Saturday.

Now getting back into post-IV routine again. Eating super loads to get that weight back on, loads of physio and nebs to keep myself well and carrying on enjoying life! :D

I have something amazingly exciting to look forward to today... can't say anything yet though...

Until next time, much love

Friday, 5 September 2014

The last few days

So I managed to get an appointment for yesterday to check me over at the hospital. My friend Katie generously came with me. It can be a long process getting home IVs so it's nice to have some company! My O2 levels were quite low between 91% and 93%, which mirrored how I was feeling; so exhausted and breathless. My lung function had dropped from 61% and 92% to 49% and 82%; IVs are obviously needed. On the up side, my weight had improved and gone up to 48.4kg!

Katie having a blast at hosp ;)

I've started the course of home IVs and going to try and rest for the next few weeks- easier said then done! There's always something that crops up that needs dealing with haha. And it's always the way, the second I start to decline with my health I become booked up with dogs ;) But I just can't say no to hanging out with cuties like these two...

Humpfrey and Jeffrey the miniature wirehair dachshunds 

And poor old Harry, the English Bull Terrier that I dog sit, has been very poorly with his cancer lately. He's just had an operation to remove some of the tumors. He's doing well but it just breaks my heart when he's crying in pain :( After the weekend he shouldn't be in any more discomfort though, thankfully. 

Little Harry after his op

Onwards and upwards for both me and Hazza! xo