Monday, 22 September 2014

Finishing IVs and my birthday!

It was my birthday last Tuesday and I had a lovely, relaxing day. I spent the morning with Alex and my pets, dog sat/slept during the afternoon and went to my parent's for dinner in the evening. I had such nice gifts from my friends and family, was truly spoilt! One of my gifts was a pink scooter, my plan is to ride this around instead of using my wheelchair when I'm ill. I just need to train Barney to pull me along ;)

On Thursday Alex and I went up to hospital to see if I could end my course of IVs. Everything had improved except my weight, which usually goes down when I'm on IVs as I struggle with nausea. My O2 levels went from 92% to 97% and lung function from 49% and 82% to 60% and 80-something (can't remember now).

So they let me off IVs, just in time for my party...

On the Friday I had my friends round for a party and then we went off to a club. I probably had a bit too much to drink..! Was hanging so bad on Saturday.

Now getting back into post-IV routine again. Eating super loads to get that weight back on, loads of physio and nebs to keep myself well and carrying on enjoying life! :D

I have something amazingly exciting to look forward to today... can't say anything yet though...

Until next time, much love

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