Monday, 31 March 2014

So grateful!

I had some great news at the hospital today; I've put on weight! I went from 45.6kg to 47.2kg in 6 weeks. I'm so happy it's unreal. I've been eating 5-6 meals a day and taking the supplement Calogen. At first it was hard to force down 6 meals a day, but now my stomach has stretched and I have a routine, I actually look forward to them... a bit ;) In a few more months I will repeat the measurements and photos I took of myself to see if I have gained any inches!

I have also been going to the gym for a month now. My friend Darmen is training me up; we do "arm day" and "leg day". It's all very blokey, but it's fun and I feel so good after. Of course, I'm only lifting like the baby-est weights and I still get out of breath and cough a lot, but I feel like it is doing my body good.

This showed in my lung function today too, my FEV1 had only dropped by 2% (now 59%)! I couldn't believe it; this is the second outpatients appointment in a row now where I haven't come home on IVs. I'm so so soooo grateful that Dr Bilton, the head doctor, decided to put me of those Tiger IVs, it was the best thing that has happened to me in terms of my health and given me my life back. I can actually go out with friends now, climb a flight of stairs unaided and walk most of the way round a supermarket. Lets just hope that the Serratia bug doesn't come back any time soon!

So now I can look forward to Easter, seeing friends and family back from uni. Quite a few birthdays coming up too, glad I will be able to make them this year! :D <3