Sunday, 16 September 2012


IT'S MY BIRTHDAAAAY!! 20 today, bye bye teenage years :( Have had a great birthday though. On Friday me and Al visited my Godmother Cindy and had a take away with her and her boyfriend, with a harbio cake :P

On Saturday, my mum had planned a surprise for me.. I milked a cow!! It was so much fun, the cows were hugee. It felt so weird and I milked a few pints from the cow, named Jackie, for the baby calves to  drink. Learnt a lot about milk and milking cows lol ;) That's also one thing I can cross off my bucket list :) Here's some picsss...

Today, me and Al went up to Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, just for a visit. We've been watching the Paul O'Grady show and they are doing tours of behind the scenes. We saw some very cutee dogs! I'm deffo going to rescue a dog when I finally get one (next year!)

On to our bunny Angel, she's having her free health check tomorrow as it's Rabbit Awareness Week. We're going to find out if she actually is a girl or not haha!

Also have a hosp appointment tomorrow, think I might need IV meds this time as the oral tabs the hosp gave me haven't done an awful lot.


Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Good week :D

Over the last week I had been feeling more tired and been coughing more etc- all the usual symptoms that my chest infection was coming back. So when I booked to have my port flushed (the little tube/barrel thing under my skin where my IV meds go) I decided to see if I could see a doc too. Went up and did a lung function test and did my usual sats and weight, and surprisingly they came back pretty good! My lung function had dropped to FEV1 62% and FEV2 86%, which is a decrease of about 8% and thankfully my weight had stayed the same!! :D Barbara, one of the docs, said that she didn't feel I needed IVs yet, so gave my some oral meds. I hateee these ones though because you can't have milk or iron tabs 2 hours before or after, so it's difficult to time. Plus they make me feel so sick :( but if they work then I don't mind. So fingers crossed that with this course of meds, plus really good physio, I might not need IVs for a while.

This week, I went fishing for the first time ever. It weren't as boring as I'd expected, but if we had gone during the day I reckon I would have enjoyed it more because I would actually be able to see my rod! Didn't catch anything though :( and couldn't take any pics because mysteriously, my flash on my camera has broken.. :S

Also, I'm so proud of myself- I fixed the boiler with no help from any men. Al and his mate came up with every excuse under the sun as to why they 'couldn't fix it', but by simply ringing up this boiler women, she helped me figure out what was wrong with it and said I could easily fix it myself :D

Angel is being so cheeky at the moment! She runs round the house like lightning and keeps trying to dig up our laminate flooring lol :P and she's so cute, she now jumps up on the sofa when I'm sitting on it for a stroke :)