Monday, 29 July 2013

Annual review follow up appointment

Today was my annual review follow up appointment. Had my actual annual review like a month or 2 ago, but today was when I'd see the doctor and go through the results of the tests.

So firstly, weight was down to 45.4 kg. I had a feeling it had gone down due to the hot weather making me less hungry and my chest getting worse; so using more energy to cough, therefore loosing weight. The plan now is to try more supplements and to aim for 3000-3500 calories a day. That's going to be hard, but I'm determined to do it. If anyone knows any super calorie food, let me know what they are!

Also, I need to do some blood sugar monitoring to check I'm not showing signs of diabetes. It's common for people with CF to develop it at some stage, so the docs like to check every now and then.

Lung function today was surprisingly good! I had been feeling pretty bad over the last week, but today I managed to do a good blow of fev1 68% and fvc 99%.

My chest xray, in comparison to last years, hasn't changed too much. This is great news as I was fearing that I had gone down hill a lot. My lungs still aren't amazing, but the fact that they haven't declined dramatically has really reassured me that all the hard work is paying off and things seem to be going well.

I've been referred to a specialist about my painful and swollen joints- mainly my ankles and knees.

Overall my appointment went better then I expected. I am now starting a course of Septrin to try and increase my lung function and keep me well for my holiday in a few weeks. I am going to rest a lot this week and do loads of physio and stuff my face to try and get my health as good as possible.

This is all great news for me, but whilst at hospital I saw one of my CF friends who isn't doing as well at the moment. Seeing him in a wheelchair and struggling to talk through lack of oxygen was upsetting and I wish I could have given him some of my luck today to make him feel better. He seems to not be having much of it at the moment. Thankfully he is in the best place and I hope that he will recover super quick and be able to go home soon :)

Other than CF stuff... Alex and I rescued two kittens! We've called them Ethal and Arthur. Barney's been brought up knowing cats so they are getting along well so far :) Here's a little pic...

Arthur on the left, Ethal on the right

Barney, Arthur and Ethal- happy families <3

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