Monday, 1 July 2013

Catch up

Today is my HUSBAND Alex's bday! We celebrated it this weekend with a BBQ with family and friends. Alex's isn't one for clubbing, he prefers to just relax with friends and famoo chatting away (he never shuts up!) However, his older brother Julian, without fail, will try every year to get him out clubbing afterwards haha.

I had still been resting the weeks previous so hadn't gone shopping to get anything nice to wear. So I got one of Alex's t-shirts and made it into a dress. Worked quite well I think :) And then when I wanted to go on the trampoline with his sister, I could just transform it back into a t-shirt and chuck on some leggings- versatile!

Also at the weekend was Barney's dog show. I entered him into 5 different events (I was determined to come home with a rosette, so gave us as much chance as possible!) They were: waggiest tail; best puppy; leave the sausage; fluffiest dog and this other one which was just like most healthy dog basically.

He won fluffiest dog!! When I went to show family and friends our rosette, I tried to blag that he won most obidient dog- not many people believed me haha! ;)

Health wise... I went to hosp on Friday which was 2 weeks after starting IVs. Usually I stop IVs after 2 weeks, but this time my lung function had only increased 10%- from 50% to 60% and I wasn't pleased or feeling well. So we agreed that I would carry on with the same IV meds for one more week and see what I'm like after that.

I asked again about the Serratia bug that is in my lungs and the docs said even though basically no one in the hospital has it, they aren't too worried about it. Obviously they don't want it spreading to other patients (so I stay quarantined when I go to hosp), but they feel that they can keep it under control with meds at the moment. I asked if there was any way I could get rid of it for good and prevent it coming back but apparently I can't, so it's just another bug to contend with and try and keep control of.

I knew that one day there would be more bugs in my chest than psuedamonus (can't spell it). It's just the nature of CF and I know people with 3, 4 or even 5 different bugs in their chest! So I'm still doing pretty well in comparison. Just going to increase my physio and overall effort to try and keep myself well :)

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