Tuesday, 23 December 2014


2 days to go! :D Love this time of the year!

Been elfing at the garden centre again this year, which has been great again. My sister, Abi, has been doing it too this year so it's been nice to occasionally work with her.

My friend with CF, Darren, couldn't work there this year though, as he has been too ill with chest infections, low energy and oxygen levels etc :( So, as I was up the hospital anyway yesterday for my annual review follow up appointment, I went to visit him in my elfing gear with a little gift. Was great to see him, just as chatty and cheeky as ever even though he's not 100% at the moment. Get well soon Darren!! xx

So, as I said, I was up the hosp yesterday for my follow up appointment. Overall, it was a brilliant review for me! The doc said my lung function hadn't changed much at all since last year, which is amazing news. It seems as though I'm coming out of the period where girls seem to decline a lot, and I'm now stabilising. All the blood tests were fine, as were my bone density scans.

I had been asked to do blood sugar monitoring for 2 weeks because my glucose test came back as I was borderline diabetic. However, the 2 weeks testings were fine, so the doc thinks that the original glucose test results were more worrying because I never usually have that much sugar and fizzy drink in one go in my normal diet and having it all in one might have just shocked my system a bit and my body couldn't deal with it all in one go.

We then spoke about the trials that are happening in the CF world. There are different gene types in CF, which just means different variations of it really. You get 1 from each parent. There is already a good drug for one of the gene types and they are currently trialling a new one for the gene type DF508. I have one copy of that gene type, but sadly for me you need to have 2 copies of it to eventually get that drug. However, the next trial should be one for people with different copies of genes, which means that I could get that one :) It won't be for probably another 5 years, but at least there is hope!

Anyway, about to do my final dog groom before Christmas :) Have a magical Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year! xoxoxo

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