Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Follow up appointment

Can't believe it! I'm the heaviest I've EVER been in my life! 52.10KG, so happy :D Had my follow up appointment from my annual review yesterday. Lung function was alright at 55%, weight frickin amazing, ultrasound fine, vit levels a tad low. I'm border line diabetic again, which I always am when I do the big glucose test, so need to do 2 weeks of blood sugar monitoring at home with my kit. Also, my bone density scan came back as borderline osteoporosis, so I'm upping my vitamin D intake but don't think it's physically possible to drink any more milk haha; I go through at least 18 pints a week! Overall, the consultant was pretty happy with my progress these last 6 months. I've planned to have home IVs mid November to give me a boost before Christmas and before my belly dancing show!

I've been belly dancing for about 10 months, it's so much fun! It's a very laid back class and you just do what you can, which suits me well. We have a Christmas show coming up, which I've invited most people I know to haha. Probably will be regretting that...!

Also, to get me ready for winter, I've had my flu jab. Anyone who has CF, asthma, any other respiratory illness, pregnant, elderly or really young, or who has an illness that puts them more at risk of contracting flu is entitled to a free flu jab. It's not that bad, it's just a tiny needle and is painless and over in less than a second! You might get a dull ache for a couple of days in the spot you had it done, but other than that you will most likely feel fine! 100% better than if you had the flu! If you don't meet the criteria for a free flu jab, you can also pay for one at chemists and such. It doesn't cost too much, as far as I'm aware.

Tonight (21/10), on Channel 5 at 10pm, there is a new series starting on organ donation. It's a must watch! It features a young girl with CF, whose blog I follow, who had a lung transplant. I think there is a link to her blog to the right hand side of my page. Her name is Holly.

My last post was just before my birthday, I had an amazing day with Alex and my family and had a great party with my friends :D

I'm not elfing this year, think it's getting a bit too risky with my lung function to be standing in the cold all day long for 6 weeks, As fun as it was, I'd rather be in the warm this year!

Ooooh next Halloween, then bonfire night, then CHRISTMASSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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