Monday, 16 November 2015

Just call me Diabeto

I have finished my 2 week course of IVs today. I was booked into the diabetic clinic (which is where the CF and diabetes docs team up basically), due to the high blood sugars. I saw the diabetic doc and nurse and they told me I have Cystic Fibrosis related diabetes (CFRD).

I'm going to try and explain CFRD, I'm very new to it all so I don't know everything about it!
So you have the most commonly known diabetes: type 1 and type 2. Type 1 is something to do with the body not producing insulin or not enough and is commonly detected in young people, who may be struggling to put on weight. Type 2 is more commonly detected in overweight middle aged people when there isn't enough insulin for the amount they are eating. CFRD, I'm told, is closest in similarity to type 1. With CFRD, we have insulin in our bodies but due to the thicker mucus around our body, the cells (I think) get clogged up and the insulin can't penetrate through.

The risk with CFRD is if it's not controlled, the bugs in our lungs will be living in paradise. Along with the warm, wet conditions in there, they will have all the sugary blood they want and reproduce quicker, causing more infections. Also, as you know I'm forever trying to put on weight; with high blood sugars your body can't absorb all the calories. Once your blood sugars go above the normal range, you will just wee out the rest of the sugar that could help to put on weight. Plus insulin can have a side effect of weight gain :D

So all in all, it's super beneficial that my CFRD has been picked up and I can start daily insulin to manage my sugars. The diabetic nurse then came in with a dummy insulin pen for me to try. Any close family and friends will know how I've struggled with my needle phobia in the past. I let the nurse do it on me first. She squeezed the fat in my stomach and pushed the needle in. It really didn't hurt at all, thank God! Once it came to me doing it I started freaking out. Getting all sweaty and crying and all the old drama I used to get. The nurse, Alex and Charissa, my dietician, were so calm and patient. I literally was shaking but I couldn't believe it when I DID IT! Probably the slowest anyone has ever done it haha, but I did it! :D :D :D So now I just need to get it put on my repeat prescription, pick it up and then I'm on my way.

Al and I love family guy, there's this kid in it called Diabeto and he has diabetes. He cracks me up! I said to Al, just call me Diabeto :'D

I need to let DVLA know that I have CFRD and check my sugars before I drive. 5 and above it fine, but 4 and below is not and I'd need to have a sugary snack or drink before so that I don't have a hypo. A hypo is when your sugars go too low. There's different symptoms, but mine are when I get hot and sweaty, my vision blurs, I can't concentrate, get really hungry and need to sit down. So obviously, it would be unsafe for me to drive when I'm like this. Diabetic people also need some special eye, foot and urine tests once a year to check different things.

Anywho, I'm now off IVs and can't wait to have my energy back! IVs take it out of me and I sleep so much when I'm on them. Got girlie catch ups planned and a cocktail making class :) Also, my weight has finally just scraped into the healthy BMI range by 0.1 hahaa :D


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