Sunday, 21 August 2016

Our Kendall holiday to Suffolk!

I made it to the holiday! And it was just what the doctor ordered! It was with all the Kendall side of the family (my dad's side), so 14 of us and 2 dogs in a beautiful 3 storey country house with an outdoor heated pool, a tennis court and acres of garden for the dogs to run around in. We were extremely lucky with the weather too, which was beautiful all week- how very un-British of it.
The house

The pool

The gardens

The dining area

One of the living rooms

We did various activities such as visiting a model village, the sea side, the pier amusements; some of us visited a castle, and Alex and Tim went fishing for a day. We also enjoyed the amenities of the house and just being together as a family hanging out, doing jigsaws, eating meals, watching some olympics, playing tennis and going in the pool and having a photo competition at the end of each day. For me, it was perfect! There's nothing more I could have needed or wanted from my family holiday.

Al trying to win me a teddy at the pier amusements


Mama having a float!

Me, Al and Barney at the model village

Barney at the model village

On the way down to the beach

Me and Abi in the pool

The castle

Me and my cousins splashing in the pool

Had my hair braided!

Eating yummy meals

It was lovely for Alex to have a bit of a break too from the constant caring role he has to play. With 12 other people around, he could have lay ins and some time to himself to chill and have fun and not have the burden of doing it all. Of course, my family help as much as they can when we are home too, but my parent's said it was a shock to them to see me on this holiday and the amount of help I am needing these days. It's only been the last 6 months where the caring role has really needed to be upped as much as it has, but a lot has changed.

As we were on the second floor of the house, I woke up each morning, did all my meds, nebs, physio, got dressed, ate breakfast etc upstairs before coming down as there was no way I was getting back up the stairs again until bedtime. I managed to get down each day before midday, which was good. Then I could enjoy the day with my family and forget all about CF :D

We had a yoga instructor come to the house on the Monday to teach us some yoga in the garden. It was great for my physio and felt brilliant opening up my body and stretching out my back and chest. I am definitely looking into continuing with it and the teacher gave me some advice on what sort of classes I could attend to help with my health.

Yoga class!

My aunty Lisa wanted to recreate some old photos of us cousins, they came out quite well! 

We have had the order of this one mixed up over the years! Think we can finally remember it now :D

The week flew by and I was gutted when it came to an end! Back to reality now, hospital appointment on Tuesday, but I am feeling quietly confident that I won't need to stay in this time. In my head though,  I can escape all of that and keep all the happy, happy memories of my wonderful family holiday at the surface <3 <3 <3 

Until next time! xo 

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