Saturday, 24 March 2012

Role reversal much!

The last few days have been.. different! On Thursday night it was Alex in a hospital bed and I was sitting by his side.

He played football for about an hour and half on thursday early evening and on the way home in the car he was complaining of a headache and feeling sick. I had no sympathy for him as I had been feeling sick all day due to my new IV's, Mereopenum, that the hospital had switched me to a few days earlier. Anyway, we were coming close to our home and he started to talk gobbledy-goop! I pulled up straight away and asked him what he said and he was mumbling a few random words so I suggested we go to A&E; to which Alex said 'no' and we went home. As we got out of the car, Alex was stumbling and unsteady on his feet. We reached the step up to our flat and the little kitty who visits us was sitting waiting for a stroke :) sadly, Alex fell off the step and landed on the cat! :( Then he lost his hand-eye co-ordination and couldn't put the key in the keyhole. By this time I was getting worried so I sat him down on the sofa and got him a drink. Al's face wasn't alert and he couldn't raise his arms and hold them there when I asked him to, so I rang NHS direct as I thought he could possibly be having a stroke. I would have rang 999 but I wasn't sure it was a stroke and didn't want to call out an ambulance if it wasn't necessary. While talking to NHS direct, Alex was violently sick and then went to bed and fiercely asked me to turn off all the lights in the flat- to which I thought he could have meningitis. So NHS direct put me straight through to the ambulance service and an ambulance came.

The ambulance staff told me they wanted to take Al to hospital so they started getting him into the ambulance. In the panic I was in, I accidently locked us out of the flat so rang my lovely landlord to ask him to meet my dad and let him into my flat to get my keys while I was with Alex. In the ambulance, Al was having moments of normality and moments where he couldn't remember anything- the day, the month, his name, my mobile number... It was worrying!

At the hospital he had bloodtests and a lot of his family and some of mine came up- was an excuse for a  family gathering :P The bloods came back as normal so about 4 hours later, once he'd had some fluid and started talking normally again, the hospital discharged Alex. As soon as he was home, he threw up again though :/ His family aren't convinced he should be out of hospital so we are going for a brain scan on Monday as the way he was acting was sooooo strange!

Alex says that he thought he was saying the correct answers to the questions that the docs were asking him, but in fact, he was just saying numbers instead of words; this makes us wonder why his brain and mouth weren't working together? :S If anyone has any ideas about what it could have been, please let us know because we don't want him to be alone and it happen again and he doesn't know who he is or where he lives or anything!

Other than that drama, things seem to be going OK, I'm feeling better and we had a lovely day with my family today and saw my cousin's baby, Krillin :) Our flat is a bombsite at them moment though because of all the IV boxes and fridges taking up so much space :/ Hopefully not much longer till I'm off them and feel good again :D

That's all for now, lovessss xxx

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