Monday, 12 March 2012


Last week I got the results of my A level exams for health and social care and film studies. I didn't mention them before because I wasn't too impressed with them, but now that I've spoken to other people in my classes and my teachers, I feel better about them :D In health and social care, I got a C; not too great but seeing as no one in my class got above a C, I'm quite pleased! In film studies, I got a B which is good.  Just gotta finish the coursework- lost the drive for it though because this is my third year so it's kind of dragging now! Had to re-take because last year I spent a lot of the school year in hospital.

Today I had to have another blood test to check my levels again. Instead of going all the way up to Fulham to have it done, I went to my Mama's doctor's surgery where she works :) I love going to her work because she likes to "show me off" to her collegues and I get lots of attention and feel famous for 5 mins hahaa :P On the weekend, the Pea came over to help me with housework while I've not got the energy. The flat has never looked so clean and tidy lol!

Tomorrow Ali Nave (Alex for those who can't understand my weird nicknames) has a day off- wooooo :D he's got a dentist appointment in the morning and then we're planning to go shopping :) not sure why, but I'm sure he has something expensive and pointless in mind to buy! Something I might buy is scales- ones that you stand on. I don't have any and I want to know if i've put on any weight (yn)

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