Friday, 9 March 2012

IV update

Been on my IVs for 4 days now and feeling better already! :) been resting as much as I can and had a bloodtest to check my levels are ok and haven't heard back from the hosp so I'm guessing I'm gunna live! They have to check levels because with the drug I'm taking called Tobramisen, it can damage your liver or something if they give you the wrong dose, so they like to check every few days. Also, the bloodtest shows your CRP which is your infection level. Docs hope that after the course of IVs, your CRP lowers- but that's not always the case :/

Also, another sign that I'm getting better is that my appetite is coming back :D Today I had my normal brekkie, then at lunch I had fish fingers and waffles, followed by angel delight and for dinner I had angel delight again :P I LOVE angel delight and it's got lots of fat in which is great! My secret recipe is to mix it up then straight away pour chocolate sauce on it- this will sink to the bottom because the angel delight isn't set. Then once it's set, I put more chocolate sauce on and a variety of sprinkles! YUM. It's really just a sugar-fest lol! However, as per usual, I made a mess :/ I don't know how I manage it but I always spill food down my clothes or on the furniture or knock over my drink :/ I decided long ago that I would wear a bib at my wedding- don't wanna risk it! 

 Resting gets boring so made a 'J' :D

mmm dinner <3

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