Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The Beginning..

Woo my first ever blog! I decided to write a blog after seeing other people with CF doing it :) hopefully through this I can raise awareness about CF and about organ donation.

Yesterday I had a loooong day at the hospital as I was starting home IV's. IVs are medication that you are given through your bloodstream, which are more effective at keeping you well. My lung function (a test where you blow into a tubey machine and it tells you how good your lungs are) was about 65% and 91% which is pretty amazing for me! But the way I felt didn't match up with what the test results were so I came onto IVs. Im currently sitting in bed waiting for the delivery man from Willow (a company that sends you medicine so you can stay at home instead of hosp) to arrive :)

Today Alex (my boyf) is at work :( he works at Stamford Bridge which he LOVES! But I miss him when he's gone as before he got the job we were literally 24/7 together! I'm not going to see him until tomorrow either because tonight I have the be the best sister in the world and drive up to York with my little brother for his uni interview :') It's a loooooong way- especially when you're not feeling too great!

That's about as exciting as my life is atm :) loves x


  1. Hiya! its naimes. This was really interesting to read! Good luck with the drive!! <3 xo

    1. Aw thanks chicken :) titch has just left for his interview (yn) xx