Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Allergic reaction

Haven't felt like blogging due to not feeling well :( last time I blogged, the hosp had put me on Chlorenphenacol antibiotics for 2 weeks, however last week I had a reaction to them and my whole face went red, itch, spotty and inflamed. It's still very itchy and inflamed and it looks like I have acne :( not a good move for the old confidence lol. Alex found it a time passer up at the hospital to COUNT the spots on my face!!! Thanks Al :/

You can kinda see the remains of my rash in this photo

So the hosp have given me E45 cream to try and get rid of my reaction and I'm now back on home IV's. I just hope soooo bad that they work and work quick because I'm hoping to go on a last minute holiday with Alex and my friends Emily and Billy in 3 weeks- fingers crossed!

Just a short blog today, going to back to bed to rest up and try and get better asap :)

lovess xx

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