Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Discover Dogs

I'm still awake at 9:10pm, which has been rare for the last few days! My chest has become a lot worse thanks for the stupid pseudomonas that I have; it's the bug I "home" in my lungs but I can't get rid of it. My chest reminds me of a rechargeable battery: by going on IVs I'm recharging it and then I'm using myself, like waiting for the energy to run low before I need to "charge" it up again.

This time the symptoms were more or less the same as usual: breathlessness, increased coughing, less appetite, more sleepy. However during last night I also had some chest pains in my right lung :/ I hardly ever get this and I never really know why I do. I've been getting it when I'm coughing hard, feels like a bruise.

Yesterday I went to Brompton for my appointment. My FEV1 had decreased to 69% from 84% and my FEV2 had only dropped to 94% from 96%. Sadly the hosp aren't too bothered about FEV2- otherwise they'd be really pleased with me lol! Sats had dropped to 95% too, still OK but not perfect. They've put me on oral medication so hopefully I won't be needing IV's for a while. However, amazing news was that my weight had gone up to 48kg!!!!!! :D :D I've never ever ever been this heavy in all my life, so happy! I proudly weigh 7 and 1/2 stones. It's so difficult for people with CF to put on weight and it makes me so self conscious of how thin I look. I'd love to be fat and actually have to diet lol :P

Other than hospital stuff, I also went to the London Pet Show this week. I loved it! My favourite section was obviously the Discover Dogs. Here are some piccys of me at the Pet Show.

 Me and a golden retriever 

Me and a sausage dog!

Either last weekend or the weekend coming up (sorry Debbie, I've forgotten which one!) My aunty Debbie has/is running AGAIN to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis. If you want to be generous and sponsor her, her link is http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/DebbieTrigg


For the week ahead, I hope that the weather cheers up and summer can finally start. Also, this time next week, we'll know whether or not Alex has passed his practical driving test (fingers crossed!) Also, I might apply for a job working with my mama! :D It's for a receptionist job at a doctors surgery so I'll need to think about whether it would be suitable for me to work there and stuffsss...

Speak next week, loves xxx

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