Saturday, 5 May 2012


This last week and a half has been busy! We've had some very exciting news, a new addition to the family :) (no, not a baby) a hamster who we've named Boris! Me and Al adopted him from our friend Charlotte. He's so sweet, and so fidgety. Techinicallyyyy, we're not allowed pets in our flat, but the neighbors have a cat so we thought we could have one little hamster ;) here's some pics of him.

Our friend Charlotte, who gave us Boris, has a wee baby too! We see her and Riley-Jack most weeks, and she recently asked me and Al to be his Godparents!! :D We're so excited. Riley is about 4 months old now <3

Little baby RJ

Me and Charlotte

More amazing news for me is that I have FINALLY finished my A levels woooooo!!!!! :D Felt so great to hand in my final piece of coursework. Next, I'm going to look for either paying or voluntary work in a dogs kennels or a dogs rescue and rehoming centre :) fingers crossed I can find something!

Time for a rant :)...
Alex is currently down as my full time carer because he's with me "for at least 35 or 40 hours a week" (can't remember which it is), and because he helps me with everything I can't do when I'm ill; from pushing me in my wheelchair to helping me have a bath. The government are supposed to give him £55.55 a week for doing this- which in my opinion isn't enough to live on seeing as the government say that "a person can live on £62 per week" :S ... Anyway, for the last 7 weeks, they haven't given him any money! I don't think they realise that without money you literally cannot live. If he weren't living with me, and we didn't share everything, he wouldn't even have anything to EAT! So naturally, thanks to the poxy carers scheme, we are pretty skint until he starts getting paid again. Plus they said they aren't going to backdate him :/ grrrr!!!!

Anyway, rant over :) On the bright side, it's not long until Alex has his driving test- hopefully he will pass, then he can do all the driving when I'm ill instead of me coughing the whole time and probably being dangerous on the roads.

My health has really gone down fast in the last week :( I'd managed 4 weeks without being ill- it seemed like a lot longer though thankfully :) I've got a hospital appointment on 14th, but I may try and change it for sometime this week if I deteriorate anymore this weekend.

Will let you know next week ;)

Lovessss xxx

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