Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Getting tired

The last week has been good: been seeing my mates who are down from uni, saw my godson-to-be and been catching up with old friends :) It was also my little brother's 18th, which is weird! We went out for a nice meal with the family and he went clubbing (I was the taxi service for the night for him lol). Socially, it's been a fun week :D

I went to see Paul the physio and all he said was to keep up with the exercises :/ so nothing exciting there lol. My chest is still getting worse and I'm coughing more and feeling tired sooner. Thankfully, it's still going at a slow pace, hopefully it'll be OK until my next hosp appointment, which is mid May. I'm trying to squeeze as much in as a can before I have to go into hospital or do home IV's again, then I won't feel like I am missing out as much haha :P

I would have pics to put up but I think my sister has my camera somewhere so they will have to wait lol, lovess xxx

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