Monday, 16 April 2012

A week of fun!

This past week, I've been overly enjoying being able to breathe! Been going out to pubs and clubs like a normal person with my friends :) My chest is starting to decline, but thankfully it's going slowly and I'm trying to keep it under control by doing my physiotherapy more often and making sure I don't miss any nebs.

If it's not one thing, it's another with my body and at the moment it my knees! I've got CF related arthritis in my right knee and both my ankles; I hardly ever notice it, unless the seasons are changing from winter to spring or summer to autumn- I think it's triggered by the change in weather. Also in my right knee, I've had a problem with my knee cap since I stopped doing sports. I used to do gymnastics, horse riding and cheerleading but had to stop suddenly when I became unwell. Since then, my knee pops out of the socket a lot and I have to keep popping it back in :/ so I started seeing a physio person about it and he gave me exercises and said that if it doesn't improve, I might need a little op to make sure it doesn't get worse. So on Weds, I've got another appointment with him to discuss whether I'll be having the little op. Here's a pic of my knee at the moment, it swells a lot, which makes it hard to walk on. It's not painful, but if you try to bend or straighten it, there is a lot of resistance and you feel that your body doesn't want you to move it.

Finally, to help me exercise more, I've started roller blading again hahaa :P It was so much fun when I was little and apparently it's really good for you :) having not done it in years, I need some practice...

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