Tuesday, 26 June 2012


Grrrrr so unwell at the moment! :( My chest was so good on holiday and the milli-second I step back into England I plummet back down :/ Can't stop coughing and it's knackering me out, was in bed all day Sunday and yesterday; also my appetite is getting worse :(

I let the hospital know that I wanted to go on the bed list, but as usual they made it hard and want me to go up there AGAIN to see the docs! Not even joking, in the last month I have been up there 7 times- that's about twice a week, surely they can just remember one of those 7 times to see that my chest is getting worse?! I think they think I'm made of money, and traveling to london and spending the whole day waiting around in a hospital is my idea of a good time :/ I must have spent about £100-£150 going up there this month with petrol, £3 an hour parking and the occasional drink/snack. So annoyed with them, it's just not what you need when you're feeling rough! grrrrrrrr

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