Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Long time no see

It has been foooreverrrrr since I last blogged! I've just been feeling to crappy to write to be honest. A lot has happened in the last few weeks, including my friend Luke's bday party, which was sooooo fun; Alex's birthday and SURPRISE party that actually managed to stay a surprise :D; started Azithromisen again after about 5 years- I'm feeling a difference in my airways and the inflammation of them due to coughing is reduced :D; and most recently Alex passed his driving test! woooooo!!!! :D This will make life easier for use when I'm unwell and will give him more freedom and independence.

So presently, I've been in hosp again for 3 days and have signed up for my free month of Netflix and I'm relaxing :D It feels good not to have to cook, clean, wash clothes etc- like a mini-holiday in that sense ;) But there are the usual annoyances of hospital too, like not being able to see friends or family as much as usual, and sleeping in a strange, noisy place. However, Sarah makes it bearable. Sarah is the reflexologist who comes twice a week- she's like an angel!!! I always feel so relaxed once she's been :D

I'm hoping to try out the Vest whilst in here this time. As far as I know, it is like a life jacket type thing that you wear during physio. Not 100% sure what it does but my Papa really want me to try it out and there's no harm in trying! Thing is, the hospital are so reluctant for my to try is for some reason :S Don't know why seeing as it's not gunna hurt them for me to try it for 5 mins!

Ahh that's all for now, shall update you soooon :) loves xx

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