Monday, 23 July 2012

Day 15...

Day 15 ... I shouldn't be in Brompton too much longer, YAY :D I think the docs are hoping for me to go home on Weds, providing all my tests come back OK tomorrow. On Friday, my CRP (infection level tested in your blood) was down to 30, from 116 when I came in, which is great :D Hopefully it's even lower tomorrow.

If I can get out this week, I can go to my aunty and uncle's big wedding anniversary celebration and my cousin's birthday :)

On Friday, I finally got to try out the Vest too. It's like a lifejacket that firstly fills with air to squeeze against your chest and then vibrates either slowly or fast, depending on the setting. Whilst it's on, you have to do breathing exercises too. This, in turn, makes you cough and it's a form of physio therapy. It's so much fun! It makes your voice go all wobbly and high pitched lol and your whole body shakes. I'm going to trial the Vest for a month when I'm at home, to see if it's beneficial for me. Here's a pic of what it looks like (ignore how gross I look!) xxx

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  1. Really hope you can come with us on sunday :-(