Friday, 3 August 2012

Wedding anniversary

I've been out of hosp for just over a week now and have gone back to my part time job :D My chest has sadly already declined, but I'm not really surprised because when the doctors discharged me, I wasn't at my best anyway! They just wanted to hurry me out because I'd been in for 3 weeks already and they like to have people in for only 2 really. Due to this quick dip, my appetite hasn't stayed great so I'm not sure whether I'm even putting on any weight :( I really need to get some scales so I can weigh myself!

The trial of the Vest has to be arranged with the people who made and supply them so I'm surrently waiting to hear from them as to when my trial will start. In the meantime, I'm going away for a week with my family and my cousin's to the Isle of Man :)

Last weekend was my cousin's bday and my aunty and uncle's 25th wedding anniversary. Luckily I was able to make it :D Here's some picsss...

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