Tuesday, 14 August 2012


Came back from my family holiday from Isle of Man on Saturday evening. It was so much fun, went with all my cousin's from my dad's side, so 14 of us in total. My mama used to live there when she was younger so it was nice for her to return to her old house and stuff :)

 Top of Snaefell

 Me and my aunty Lisa at the beach

 Me, Mama and Abi after watching EVITA at the theatre

 50 Shades ;)

Cousins <3

When we came back off holiday, we had to sort out buying a new car because my loyal old Tinny was too small for Alex to drive :/ It was an emotional farewell between me and Tinny :'(  </3

Yesterday I also had hospital. In my last blog I'd said how I felt as if I'd dipped very quickly, thankfully I then felt like had steadied over the holiday- think the sun helped :) It was my annual review follow-up appointment, which meant I saw the main consultant Dr Bilton. I was so shocked that my lung function HADN'T dropped from when I was discharged! Still 70%, plus I had put on weight- going from 45.6 to 47.4kg! Was really positive :D We decided on a plan to try and keep me off IVs for as long as possible, so fingers crossed it works. In the mean time, I'm going to enjoy my freedom and catch up with as many people as I can while everyone is back from uni and around at the moment :)

Lovesss xx

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