Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Introducing Angel

Eeekkk this week we got a baby bunny from Freecycle! The man we got her off was animal mad- he had a dog, horse and at one point 60 rabbits!!! So he was giving his bunnies away to families :) when we arrived, there were 5 to choose from- 3 adults and 2 babies. Alex wanted a baby rabbit so we took the little black one. We've called her Angel Delight ;) but we usually just call her Angel lol. She's so mischievous! Can't resist a few pics of her- she's quite hard to see because her fur is so dark....

My chest is still holding out too, which is great :D my ankles and knee have started to swell again with the arthritis so on some anti-inflammatorys but thats the only thing that's really changed this week- so happss!! :D

And finally, congrats to my eldest cousin Michelle who is engaged!!!!!!


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