Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Barney Bear!

In my last blog, I wrote that there might be a little bundle of joy coming soon... and on valentine's day me and Al bought our little pup Barney home! He's a Portipoo (portuguese water dog X poodle), in photos he just looks like a black ball of fur haha. We've had him for a week and a half and we love him soooo much!!! can't believe I finally have a dog :D

My chest is pretty bad at the moment, along with my arthritis :( so yesterday I went up to hosp to see if I could get something to try and help my chest. I was short for time as we had a dentist app in the afternoon so the docs and I decided to try an oral med (septrin) for two weeks and if I hadn't improved then I'll go on IVs. If we weren't short on time, I'd probably be on IVs now but usually if you start IVs, you're up the hospital for about 6 hours, whereas if you just go on orals, you're there for around 3.

My results from lung function, sats etc were... lung funtion: FEV1- 63% FVC- 87%, O2- 97% and weight- 47kg. Lung function and O2 levels were ok, but I'm sooooooooooo gutted about my weight :'( it had taken me over 3 months of hard, hard work and constant eating of junk food just to put on that 1kg and within 3 weeks it has gone! So frustrating. My target weight of 50kg for my wedding looks less likely to be achieved at the moment.

My chest hasn't been helped by all my nebulisers crashing out on me either! Plus the cold after cold after cold I've been getting like everyone else :/ can't wait for warm weather lol :D I think Barney knows I'm particularly ill today as he hasn't left my side all day bless him <3

moan over lol...

I've now completed my dog course too. At the moment I'm recovering from it lol, but as soon as I'm better I'm going to start up and do some grooooming. Plus my bridesmaids are kitted out now and look beautiful :) xxxxx

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