Wednesday, 13 February 2013


Had my written part of my dog grooming exam yesterday... AND I PASSED WITH DISTINCTION! So happy! Just have the two practicals left, then another written exam in a few months :) I'm also so pleased with how my chest has coped. There have been difficult days where my bones are aching and I'm coughing all the time, but generally my body has been good and allowed me to do this course in peace :D I've switched back to my Azli nebuliser (I alternate each month with Tobi) so I'm hoping it will give me a little kick in the right direction.

The wedding plans are coming together nicely too :D Most of the invites are done and some have been sent out... look out for yours ;) I'm trying to convince Alex to let us get doves to release after haha- he's not too keen atm but watch this space :P

Also, there may be another little surprise on it's way... (not a baby!)

Keep well xxxxx

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