Monday, 8 April 2013

Not great news

Bit of a negative blog to start with this time :( Firstly, been reading so many CF deaths on my Facebook newsfeed this week, so heartbreaking. My prayers are for all the friends and families affected. If you haven't already, pleeeaseee sign up- or at least consider signing up for organ donation. You won't need them when you're gone, but someone else will. Takes literally 1 minute of you life, but you could give someone else years!

Secondly, after having my two week IV course a few weeks ago, I am feeling awful again! :( This is so NOT the situation I wanted to be in at the moment! Just a few weeks until my wedding, when I was planning on trying to gain as much weight as possible, I'm struggling to eat three meals a day again and coughing and sleeping none stop. SOOOOO FRUSTRATING!!!!!!!! Makes me so angry with my body when I try so hard to keep myself well with strict physio routines that take hours every day and never missing any meds and still my stupid body decides not to give me a break and just keeps failing on me :(

When I was last at hospital, however, they said they'd found a new bug in my chest. Maybe this is why even though I'm doing everything I should, my body still feels like crap? Going up today for an appointment so I have everything crossed so that they can give me information and hopefully new drugs that will kill this horrible bug!!!

On to happier things...!

My little bear Barney is 4 months now! And finally he has stopped weeing in the house lol. I've given him a little accessory too, his little scarf! He looks super cute in it, here's a little pic...

Also, I can cross off one more thing on my bucket list- I WAS ON TV! I went to see the filming on Celeb Juice with my friends and for one milli-second I was on TV :D I don't care that I was only a blur in the background- I'm still counting it haha ;)

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