Friday, 19 April 2013

Hen night eve!

Eeeeekkkk! Today is my hen night eve and Alex's stag night eve. So excited for tomorrow- I'm going to my mum's for the afternoon for games, drinks, nibbles etc and then up to London to see the Dreamboys- a male strip show like magic mike ;) with all my girlssss, plus Daniel of course!

I'm glad I'm excited now, because at the beginning of the week I was dreading it. My body felt so drained and exhausted and just the thought of dressing up and going to London made me sleepy! I haven't had the best few weeks chest wise: I went up to hosp last week for an appointment but there was a delay of an hour and 45 mins, so me and Alex decided to go home as we wouldn't have been seen till about 6pm. Then no doubt rushed through and then have to wait an hour for pharmacy and not get home until about 8.30pm!

I re booked and went home. I'd had a cold which stayed on my chest and my voice had gone- I just wasn't feeling great tbh. So this week I just relaxed for once and stayed in bed watching Vampire Diaries <3 I think it's done me a world of good :)

Went up hosp today, just to Lind ward, which is where you don't see dietician, physio etc, just one of the docs. Anywhooo, they decided to put me on IVs again. This time Tobramycin and Keftazadine (don't know the spellings), as my lung function had dropped and sadly my weight has gone down even further :(

But I'm determined to be well for my wedding day and put on weight so I look good for it :D Serious physio, force feeding and bed rest for the next two weeks. This stupid infection is not going to ruin my day!

Pics of the hen and stag will obviously be up next blog...

loves xxxx

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