Friday, 13 December 2013

Christmas Elf!

I came out of hospital on 13th Nov so I could be a Christmas elf at Chessington Garden Centre :) I probably needed a few more weeks of IVs, but I was insistent that I'd be an elf!

The elfing is for about 6 weeks, but just 2 weeks in my body was already struggling. I was hoping that my health in general was getting better and more stable; I was using this little elfing stint to see if I could handle maybe a part time job in the future. But it seems that my body just won't let me do that at the moment :( The elfing is quite a low energy job too, the managers kindly give me the jobs where I can sit down all day, but it's still taking it's toll. I feel so gutted! I've cut down my hours now, so fingers crossed I can complete the last few weeks without getting too much worse.

My sister Abi, Alex and me with Santa- who strangely enough is one of my friend from Brompton's dad. Small world!

Barney had his first birthday on Dec 2nd, and we had a party for him! Was so funny and I made him and his doggie cousins a cake.

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