Monday, 30 December 2013

Rest In Peace Paul x

It's been a weird few weeks, some highs and some extreme lows. Firstly, the lowest low was hearing that my friend Paul had passed away on Christmas morning. I knew Paul from the Brompton and he was my closest friend with CF. We only knew each other for a few years but he was so funny and unlike anyone else I'd ever met with CF. Sadly, he had had a rough few months battling against this illness and it was eventually decided that he would go onto the transplant list. The last time I spoke to him he told me he was having the transplant talks with the doctors, so I'm not sure how far along the process he was before he passed away. He may not have made it onto the list, but even so, it makes me think of all the other thousands of people waiting for a transplant of any kind.

     See you again one day Paul, but until then breathe easy and rest in painless peace friend xxx

Make it your New Years resolution to sign up for organ donation, if you agree with it! If you needed a new heart, kidney, lung... would you take one? If you would, then you should give one when you're gone. It takes 2 minutes to sign up and you could save up to 7 lives!

Here's a link of an interview on Daybreak this morning, of two girls who have had lung transplants. You may recognise one of them, Kirstie, who made a documentary a year or two ago.

This is the organ donation link, for if you want to sign up:

The highs of the last few weeks were obviously CHRISTMAS, seeing family and friends! I love this time of the year and all the merriment that goes with it :P I went to Winter Wonderland with some of my friends, a few parties and get-togethers and had lots of yummy food!

My health has declined a lot and I've just literally got off the phone with Alan at the hospital and I will be going up later today to start home IVs :) Bed rest and munch for me for the next few weeks. Then early Jan, Alex and I will be moving again- getting fed up of moving around!

So fingers crossed for a smooth and quick-ish run at the hospital today. Speak soon xxx

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