Friday, 10 January 2014

What happened next...

So in my last blog, I mentioned I was about to come up to Brompton to get some home IVs. Well my lung function was down a lot- only 44%- so I had to stay in. Alex and my mum came up for New Years Eve, but it wasn't the same lol!

The plan was to start the IVs off here and then continue at home as we were moving house (would have been today), so I obviously needed to be out to help with the move. Then disaster struck again and the house fell through 2 days ago :( The current tenants are refusing to move out and want the estate agents to take them to court. However, it meant that I could continue my IVs here instead.

I hadn't improved at all after about a week and a half, so last night the docs changed my IV to a new one. I can't remember what it is called, but I know it has the word "tiger" in it, so I will call it Tiger IV :) Hopefully this one does the trick. It has a very strong nauseating side effect, so much so that they have to give you an anti-sickness that they use for patients having high dose chemo! Should all be worth it in the end though.

Alex is frantically trying to find us a place to live, there's not much on the market within our budget at the moment.

Not the greatest start to the year BUT... everything happens for a reason I suppose!

That's the depressing health stuff done... other than that... Barney and the kittens are still happy as Larry- I went home for a few hours last night and saw them, was so great. And I saw some of my friends down the pub :D I've been really lucky as I've had so many people visit me this admission! Definitely makes it easier being in here. And I've been phone pranking Alex's mum and nan haha. It's so funny! Passes the time during the day ;)

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