Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Needing a boost

At my last clinic app, I mentioned to the docs that I was starting to feel as if my chest was going downhill, so they said to come back in a week if there was no improvement following switching my nebulised antibiotics. I decided to go back and get some orals as I needed to go up to have my port flushed anyway. Good Lord did it take forever- 5 hours I was in there! It takes literally 10 mins to flush my port, but waiting to Barbara, one of the docs, just took soooooo long! I was so frustrated but eventually I came out with some oral meds for 2 weeks.

The meds I'm on instruct you can't take them with calcium, iron or zinc. I am literally addicted to milk lol and I just can't give it up, so I'm waking myself up in the middle of the night and very early in the morning to take them so I can still have my lovely milk haha. Corr the sacrifices you have you make 'ey ;)

Fingers crossed these orals will do the trick, much more likely now that I no longer have Serratia. If not then I'll probably end up on a course of IVs. So far I have been 3 months without them! So if I do need them, I won't feel disappointed in myself.

Finally, Easter is here :D Which means loads of birthdays, friends back from uni and the sun is out! Love this time of year when you know summer is just round the corner; fun fun fun! xo

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