Saturday, 26 April 2014

IV time

My course of oral antibiotics came to an end and I went back up to hospital with the hope of starting home IVs, as I wasn't really feeling any different. Thankfully my appetite is still pretty good, but I've been coughing a lot and slept through the majority of Easter!

So Barbara did my lung function again and the FEV1 had gone up a bit :D I'm now up to 58%. We still agreed that I should go on IVs though. So I'm on Tobramicyn and Meropenum for a couple of weeks now. I've worked out that I haven't had IVs for nearly 3 and a half months! That's the longest I'e gone without them for God knows how long, so happy :D

I'm going to rest more over the next few weeks so that the medicines can work to their full potential; but I will still keep up with going to the gym. I had my 6-week review thing the other day with one of the hot instructors ;) We did loads of workouts and my muscles are killing me right now- I can barely move haha. No pain, no gain though!

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