Sunday, 22 June 2014

Lets get back to how I was!

So it's been just over a week since I came out of hospital following the worst admission of my life! I've been working hard with my physio and eating but I know I'm still no where near well. I've been sleeping so much. I wake up thinking when the next time I can go to bed is!

I went to the hospital on Thursday to start home IVs. I think the docs knew that the admission was a disaster, so they agreed for me do it myself at home. By some pure miracle I'd put on weight! I'm now 46.2kg from 45.6 when I left. Also, my lung function had only dropped 1% to 49%, which meant even though my physio hadn't made me any better, it had kept me stable thankfully :) My oxygen levels were the lowest they've ever been at 91%. Hopefully with the IVs all these things should improve again and I can re-start all the effort to get my weight back up. This should also be easier as I now start to wean myself off the laxatives :)

It's been a couple of days now since I started the home IVs. I think already I feel an improvement in my chest! Weight wise, probably not as I've been feeling very sick and throwing up a lot. If it carries on I'll ask for some anti-sickness tablets. Overall, things seem to be going in the right direction!

Other than health stuff, it's nearly Alex's 21st birthday so I'm busy planning his party with his mum and sorting out his gifts. Also seeing friends who have broken up from uni for the year- I'm seeing that new film The Fault in our Stars on Tuesday. I've heard that it's quite relatable for people with CF. Me and my friend Ashley will be taking a box of tissues ;)

I'm hoping in a few weeks time I can be back where I was about a month ago- feeling amazing and looking forward to summer! xo

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