Tuesday, 10 June 2014

I've escaped!

After 2 weeks and one day I'd had ENOUGH! Enough of the intense, constant heat; enough of loosing all the weight I'd struggled to put on; enough of waiting for answers from the doctors. Overall I have probably come out in worse health than I went in lol, BUT I have managed to shift the Serratia again, which was the reason for going in.

My weight has gone from 48.6kg down to 45kg, lung function from 57% and 91% down to 50% and 89%. My stomach blockage went after a week and then came back, but not so severely so I have gone home on weaker laxatives and can wean off them as I get healthier. I think the main causes of the blockage are the hot hot hot hospital room and lack of mobility. The doctors wanted me to stay in longer to try and get my lung function up but I just needed to get out of there. I needed FRESH air and a cooler environment and more than just a room and bathroom to walk around in. I honestly think that I will put on weight quicker and my lungs will get better if I'm at home getting back into a good routine. The doctors doubted that, so I have an appointment next week to see hoe I'm getting on- pressure much haha ;)

So now I am FREEEEE!!!! I've had a good old McDonalds, a great night's sleep, walked up and down the stairs a few times and walked my Barney Bear (well Alex pushed me in the chair but still!). I'm still quite weak and just taking things slowly until I've built up my strength and stamina again, but I'm loving it!!!

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