Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Frimley appointment

It's Tuesday! Therefore had my appointment at Frimley. I needed to be there for 9.30 so it was an early start. Usually mornings are better for me, but of course on this one particular morning I would feel like crap- sod's law!

I managed to get there though (first time driving myself) and the appointment was going swimmingly. Lung function had surprisingly gone up- might have only been by 1%, but up is UP! Weight had gone down to 46.something, but I'd expected that. So the doctor suggested oral Septrin for two weeks and Tria-something acid if needed. Tria-something acid (will find out the proper name) is to make your blood more sticky, so that if I were to bleed again I would take this for 3 days and it would help my blood to clot and hopefully prevent further bleeding.

Then I walked to pharmacy, waited for my meds and walked to my car. I was so happy, I got to go home to my Alex, Barney and my cats. As I was pulling out of my car parking space, I needed to cough. I had tissue and a plastic bag in the car, which I use if I'm driving. As soon as I started coughing I knew. It had happened again! I looked at the tissue and saw blood. I re-put the car into gear and parked again; got my things and hurried back to the CF unit. I told them that it had started again and the next thing I knew I was admitted. I was so upset! Purely because I thought I'd escaped admission and thought I'd be back in my own bed with my Alex cuddling me and my animals by my side. It was just a shock.

Whenever I get admitted I just worry about Alex and my animals. I'm not usually so sad about myself being in, I just wish I could be at home for my family. Alex and I are a team and if one of us isn't there or is unwell or feels down, the other doesn't function correctly. I wish I could be there to make his packed lunches and write him his little love note to go with it (soppy I know) or sit with him on the sofa, or the best part of the day- cuddling in bed and falling asleep with him. And my babies, especially my Barney bear; I know he changes when I'm not there. He isn't playful and he's always looking out the window for me to walk up to the door. Cats are more independent, I'm sure they notice I'm not around but I think they cope better than me, Alex and Barney put together hahaha!

So anyway, I've had my bloods done, an x-ray, my first dose of meds, lunch, dinner, my parent's and Abi have visited and now I'm getting ready for bedtime :) This place is lovely! Not saying that Brompton isn't, they are just two very different hospitals. Being in this room feels more like a hotel room if I'm honest. There is laminate flooring and a posh Dyson fan. The staff are also so caring, they can't do enough for you! When the team who were with me today were clocking off, they all came to say goodbye, which was so kind of them. Checking I was OK with everything and settled in.

 Dyson fan
Laminate flooring

... Was just about to end this post, and then this came in......!!!

The "snack trolley"! Full of crisps, chocolates and lollipops!

Might stay up an extra few mins to eat all this :D


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