Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Long time no see

I've not posted in a while, a fair bit to catch up on! So, last blog I'd ended up in Frimley as an inpatient. I stayed in for a few days then was allowed to continue my IVs at home. The main reason I wanted to come out early was for my cousin's surprise spa weekend for her 16th birthday. All the girl cousins were going and I HAD to be there too. It was an amazing weekend up in Yorkshire and I loved spending time with my family.

My IVs came to an end and I went back to Frimley to have my needle removed and final bloods, lung function, chat with doc etc etc. Lung function hadn't moved at all, but doc Alex said that she was mainly concerned with the bleeding (there is an actual word for this but I can never remember it or spell it- something like heomotopsis??), so wasn't too worried that my lung function hadn't changed. Had a huge bag of supplements given to me and off I went.

Then the usual happened where I lived my life happy as larry and totes forgot about this blog haha. It always happens! I don't ever really sit down and go on my laptop anymore until I get ill, so that's when I remember about the blog. Can you see what direction my health has gone atm... but we'll get there later.

So while I was carefree and well I had a blast :P

My sister had her birthday...

And party...

Vernoica, who I dog sit for, got a new puppy, Charlie...

Went to see my cousin's architecture uni exhibition (he got a 1st in it!)

Went to good old Epsom Derby! First time in 5 years I haven't been in hosp for it :D

Had Alex's cousin's hen do...

 Have had a few bbqssss! The boys keep burning it all though hahaha

Went to see the sound of music at Woking theatre with my family

And my fur babies are all well <3

 Love summer so much! Can't wait for the rest of it :D

If you watch Eastenders, you'll know there's a new character called Jade who has CF- great awareness. Plus the BBC have been working with the CF Trust to make the portrayal of CF as realistic as possible, which is great. Lets hope they do us proud :)

So, as I was saying before, my health now isn't the best. I noticed it getting worse again, but thought I'd last at least another couple of weeks. Then in the bath the bleeding started again. Not as bad as it has been, but still not the most fun thing in the world. I decided not to wait till I could speak to the hosp, and just start some oral antibiotics that I had in the cupboard. Spoke to them this morning and they agreed and asked me to let them know if I bled anymore. So lets just hope I can nip it in the bud, keep my weight up and carry on enjoying summer!


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