Thursday, 28 April 2016

I feel like I'm on drugs

I feel like I'm on drugs. Well I am.
I had my appointment on Tuesday. Alex was with me and we saw all the usual people. My weight was 50.6KG, quite similar to the last time I was there. My lung function was FEV1 41%, FVC 79%, down from last time. I was expecting to go onto oral antibiotics and maybe have a little boost from that, then in another month or so's time go onto IVs. However, when I saw Dr Orchard he was determined to get me better asap. Back in Jan '16, my lung function was great and increasing well. Then I had a dip and the IVs I was on back then didn't really seem to do anything. It showed in my end of IVs lung function as it hadn't gone up at all. Dr Orchard wasn't in on that day though, so I couldn't carry on with IVs and just came off them to see how I'd do.

This time though, he suggested I take 2 new IVs, oral antibiotics and steroids. I agreed that I felt like I needed the steroids, I'd felt so inflamed the last few days. I've never been on this much strong meds. It's probably not even that much compared to what people who are really ill are on, but for me it's a lot lol!

Today is my second full day of taking all these meds. I am very much feeling like I am on drugs! My tongue and lips are tingly and a bit numb and I just feel very spaced out and as if I'm not really here haha. It's strange and hard to describe. I called the hosp this morning as I just wanted to check that I'm not having a bad reaction to the drugs. They reassured me that this was quite normal for the drugs that I'm on. They did say that if the feelings are too much for me that they can always lower my dose, but I want to try and stick it out as I really want to get the most out of this course of IVs, orals and steroids and give myself a huge boost that hopefully will last all summer long! :D

Perhaps in a couple of days my body will start to get used to it and I won't notice these side effects so much. I've cut down my dogs to one a day, trying not to do more than 4 days, but it's so hard to say no lol. Also, for the moment I don't want to do too much driving, at least until I'm feeling more myself again.

Until next time! xo

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