Sunday, 22 May 2016

1 week, 2 days in

It's been 1 week, 2 days since I was admitted and things have been going steadily. The first few days I slept a lot and it was a relief to be able to rest. I didn't realise how much I needed it. I lost my voice during the week, which made it hard to communicate with the team and friends and family, but it's nearly back now. I've been so lucky to have visitors everyday; my aunties and uncles, cousins, god mother, friends, mum, dad, Tim, Abi, Tim's new girlfriend Emma and my nana and papa are on their way up now :) The generosity of people always overwhelms me, taking time out of their busy lives to travel all this way and sit chatting to me and keeping me company. I appreciate it so so much xxx

I've been having regular blood tests, lung function tests, weight done etc. Weight has been going up, lung function hasn't really moved much sadly and I'm just waiting to hear back on my bloods to see if the CRP- which measures the infection levels in your blood- is coming down. It was 121 when I first came in, which explains why I was feeling so rotten; then went down to 48, back up to 56 and hopefully is going to come down again.

One of the docs made me laugh on Friday- well actually it makes me laugh now but at the time I was a bit worried about him. He's slightly on the odd side, but very very nice. He came in to see how I was, the usual questions and all that, and I asked if he knew about my blood results. He said he hadn't checked them but will do so right now and be back in a minute. He wondered out of there room and I just sat and waited. 4 hours had passed before I asked a nurse if he's ok as he still hadn't returned! Even up until today I haven't heard back from him haha. Hopefully he will be back tomorrow so I can see where he went to lol!

I have physio twice a day and I'm doing the Bird with a flutter attachment and percussion. The Bird is a device that forces O2 into your lungs to open them up and then you blow against it to stop the flow and breathe out. With the flutter attachment it sort of vibrates your lungs as your blow out. The percussion is someone sort of hitting your lungs. This is all to try and get everything off my chest. The thing is, it doesn't seem to be doing much. I'm also doing my usual neb called DNase twice a day to help loosen things, but again it's not having a huge impact. So tomorrow I'm planning to speak with my physio to see if we can do something more effective. I personally find that exercise is most effective for me to clear my chest, so maybe I could start doing some. I did ask last week but they said they need to check my O2 levels to make sure I will be ok for it. I don't really know what it all means but I just want to get going on it, I want to get better and get home! I'm still on 2L oxygen all the time, so I need to be well enough to be weaned off that too.

Radha, one of the care assistants kindly french plaited my hair yesterday eve, so now it's all nice and out of the way.
My aunty Linda made this gorgeous flower arrangement for me

Snapchat has been like my best friend haha, putting the filters on my parents is so funny!! I don't know if you can upload vids to this...?

Ok, let's see if they work.... haha. 
I'm missing my home, Alex, family, Barney, my cats and my dog grooming so much! Can't wait to get home again <3 Until next time xo

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