Friday, 27 May 2016

2 weeks in..!

Two weeks today since I came into hosp. Starting to get bored now, which is a good sign I guess! I thought I would have been out by now but the progress is painfully slow this time. I was fine with cancelling the first 2 weeks of plans, but I don't want to cancel any more. I want to get back to my dog grooming and I have a lot of plans with all my family this weekend that I don't want to miss and my first ladies day at Epsom next Friday, which me and my friends have been waiting all year for, which I don't want to have to miss out on.

I saw Dr Orchard this morning to discuss the plan of attack and my results and all that. My lung function is creeping up slowly but surely; I'm up to 39% now and my CRP hasn't moved much at 41, but at least it hasn't gone back up. I changed meds about 4 or 5 days ago as the previous ones weren't having much of an effect. Chris is now happy with the combo and thinks that we just need to stick it out a bit longer but it should have a good impact. He also thinks a lot of the issue is inflammation, which takes a little while to settle.

Good news though is that they stopped my oxygen today woo! It's nice to be able to go to the toilet without feeling like a dog on a lead haha. I still need it at the moment for exercise but it's a great step in the right direction :D

I'm allowed out at the weekend in between my IVs to see my family, which is exciting. It's my parent's 25th wedding anniversary and while the adults are away being all adulty having posh meals in hotels and all that, me and my cousins get to hang out. Hopefully the weather will stay like today and we can go to the park with my Barney bear. Haven't seen him in 2 weeks, miss him so much. My cats too, and I'll be home in time to give them their flea treatment tehe they're going to be so glad I'm back for that- not! ;)

I have also been given the OK from Chris to attend ladies day as long as I feel up for it. I won't make a final decision until a day or two before the event, as I just don't know how I will be this time next week. The arrangement for the day was for all my friends to come to mine and Al's for a champagne breakfast and we've booked cabs to get up to the downs, so we may need to tweak the plans, but we will see. I called up the racecourse for advice as to whether it was suitable to bring my wheelchair if I'm needing it. The woman was very helpful and the event is accessible for chairs, which is a relief and puts less pressure on me to be 100% and able to stand for the whole day. At least, even if Im only feeling 50% I should still be able to go and can take my chair to be in when needed. Looks like I won't have time to go dress shopping though, so will need to route through the wardrobe for something to wear.

For physio, as well as the Bird and percussion, I am exercising more now that I've got more stable sats and it's not too much for my body anymore. I've been using the exercise bike and managed to convince the physios to take me for walks outside; I don't want to miss out on this sun! Trying to top up my tan as we walk round the car park haha.

The steroids are making me super hungry still, which is great but my god is my face getting chubs! I've got the usual moonface that comes with taking prednisolone. The food here is so good. I never thought I'd say that about hosp food. I prefer it to my own cooking haha. There is such a variety and it always tastes so nice. I'm very lucky to be here where they clearly have really good chefs. 

Until next time xo

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