Thursday, 2 June 2016


Coming up to 3 weeks in, so thought I'd better do an update for my family. As well as my bad chest I've lost my voice for about a month now so it's had to call up all my aunties and uncles and cousins to tell them how I am, so writing this blog and sending it to them is easier for me at the mo.

Sooooo, last blog I was looking forward to coming out for the weekend to spend time with my family. It was such a lovely weekend! I used a wheelchair and oxygen for the Saturday, but the Sunday was more chilled and I didn't need to use them. I think I overdid it on the Saturday lol, I got too excited and carried away and by the end of the day I was absolutely shattered! All my cousins from my dad's side and their other halves and my cousin Jess from my mum's side were over and we went to the park to watch my brother play cricket then played some games at home and got a takeaway. The Sunday I slept for most the day in the hosp and then in the eve we all went to my cousin's house for a BBQ. Was such a perfect weekend being with my family and my Alex and saw my pets too <3

Me, Jess and Al

Jess doing my hair

The most beautiful garden ever!

Me, Emily and Abi splitting lol

Timmy and his girlfriend Emma

 Me and Emmie

My Barney bear

It was bank holiday last weekend so didn't see a doc until Tues where it was decided that as there still wasn't any change in lung function or CRP or anything, I needed another change up of meds. I'm now back on Tobramycin, Aztreonam, a new one that I haven't had before bringing with "T", a nasal spray to see if that helps with anything, salbutamol nebs 4 times a day, half the DNAse to 2.5mg 2 times a day and they have reduced my steroids. Quite a lot of changes so fingers crossed this does the trick now! :D

As I am still not at all anywhere near my best, I have decided not to risk going to Ladies Day. The weekend, as great as it was, was such a struggle at times it would only be harder at Ladies Day. I was obviously disappointed seeing as I'd started meds about 5 weeks ago now in order to be in tip top condition for the event, but c'est la vie! There's always next year.

The hardest part of being in hosp for me is being away from my family and husband. Alex is the most amazing, supportive, most caring person and without him I would be so down in the dumps. We do everything together and while I'm not around he is having to do all the housework, look after the animals, all my washing and bringing me bits up, visiting me every day.... It's even harder at the moment as he had to give up his license for a year due to his epilepsy, so he can't just pop to the shops for food shopping or go meet his friends or drive up to see me; everything is such a palaver and I don't know how he's stayed so patient lol! Hopefully he will be getting his licence back in July, so that will make our lives SOOOO much easier! He's my absolute angel, my rock, my world, my everything... all those words used to describe the one you love! I couldn't be without him <3

Poor Al got soaked coming up to see me! 

Hopefully next post will be about me going home!! Until next time xo

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