Thursday, 21 July 2016


Just a quick update for friends and family. As most will know from my Facebook status I was readmitted to Frimley yesterday. I woke up and came downstairs to start my morning routine of meds/nebs/brekkie/feed the animals etc etc and found myself extremely out of breath; more so than could be expected. I took my time with lots of rests in between each treatment/chore I needed to do, but I wasn't recovering. I fought my way through my treatments as I never not do them no matter how ill I feel; I would only feel worse if I were to skip them! Then I curled up on the sofa to rest.

Alex came down shortly after and could see I wasn't doing great. As ever, he selflessly put my needs first and did all he could to help me. After a while, he suggested we checked my O2 levels, which were very, very low. This explained why I was so breathless. So Al took me upstairs to the oxygen and we put it on 4L and I rested in bed. Around 11am we re-checked my O2 levels and they were still on the low side, so I asked Al to call Frimley, as I was too breathless to talk, to see what we should do. They asked us to come up to the unit.

Once there I had an x-ray to check my lung hadn't collapsed and bloods done to check my infection levels. Luckily, my lungs were OK but my infection levels were slightly up at 68. As I still was needing oxygen too, it was decided I should stay in. I didn't take this news well, I was so upset! I just couldn't believe it; less than a week ago I had been here and all was looking like it was going in the right direction, then boom just one random breathless morning and I was back in. I just kept thinking I can't do this again, not this soon, not another 6 and half weeks of being stuck and getting nowhere. I don't think the fact that I was exhausted from the heat and the breathlessness helped my emotions. After a while though and after speaking (well more like crying) to the nurses, my mum, Ali, the world haha, I woman'd up we just got on with what we needed to do. Unfortunately there were no beds on the CF Unit, so I am visiting another new part of the hospital for me: G1. It's an isolation unit and I have my own room still, which is good.

Today I have been much less breathless, thankfully and I am DETERMINED not to stay any later than Monday. I saw Dr Orchard and he doesn't want me in here any more than I do- in the nicest way possible! He reckons it could be due to the extreme heat we've had. Whilst I'm here though, I have started IVs to help get my CRP back down and fight off any starting infections and all being well, I will go home on IVs on Monday. Sadly I've had to miss my daddy's surprise leaving do/retirement party and it looks as though I'm going to miss my friend's baby shower and another friend's daughter's Christening, plus cancel my charity haircut and my dogs again! It's always the way isn't it :/

Fingers, toes, eyes -and anything else you can cross- crossed that this will be it for admissions this summer, or even year! Please please please!

Until next time xo

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